October 24-27, 2009 Venue: China National Convention Center

Canmore Rose

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An in-depth
discussion will be
carried out on
copyright protection,
copyright market,
and a number of
other key issues.
The Exhibiton
specifically designed
for Film, Music, Picture
and Literary Works,
Software and Copyright
Protection Technology.
???Promotion for the
???Guest of Honor
???Internet Literature
The Ballerina Who Loves B-boy
(hip-hop boys) South Korea's most notable
performance will be
played during the Expo.
John Howkins
British economist, the policy consultant and author, Chairman of the Creative BusinessSchool, person in charge of Intellectual Property Rights Charter, Chairman of the Group of Creativity.

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"Copyright is the currency of the creative economy."
?????? ---John Howkins, International Creative Industry Expert

"Beijing has the promise to become the center of culture industry in China for it has plenty of advantages over other cities: bright entrepreneurs, various forms of capital and its rich culture and long history. I hope Beijing will be the best center of culture industry in China. "
?????? ---Professor Li Yi ning, Well-known Economist in China

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