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“China International Copyright Expo” is the only regular state-level professional event in Chinese cultural creativity and copyright industry. Sticking to the purpose of “communication, cooperation, innovation and development,” it has been successfully held in the past 3 years, which attracted numerous organizations, institutions and enterprises from over 60 countries and regions, obtained positive feedback from over 1000 internationally well-known institutions and industries, reached a copyright trading value up to 1.5 billion RMB, won highly praise of UN World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Chinese governments. It is currently the only internationally influential event of Chinese cultural creativity and copyright industry.

The Expo has 4 sessions in total, i.e. Opening Ceremony & Creative Gold Award of Copyright Presentation Ceremony, 2012 International Copyright Forum, Industrial Exhibition and Theme Activity. To improve the industry agglomeration effects of international copyright communication and trading platform, to enhance the creativity and cohesion of relevant industry associations and the participating cities, enterprises in the copyright trade activities, and to encourage outstanding work in a wide range of fields, the Expo particularly establishes “the CICE Golden Wisdom Award” for the people and groups who make great achievements.

The Expo’s "Opening Ceremony & the WIPO Copyright Award Presentation Ceremony" will be divided into three parts. In the "Opening Ceremony", foreign copyright organizations, domestic copyright administration, copyright investment and financing institutions, well-known copyright business and professional service organizations, the embassies to China and general consulates, international copyright industry experts and other scholars will be invited; the World intellectual Property Rights “Creative Gold Award of Copyright", for the purpose of encouraging the individuals and business who have made outstanding contributions to the Chinese cultural innovations and copyright industries, enhancing the public awareness in copyright protection, and promoting the comprehensive development of copyright industries; the "Global original Television concert" will be held in the Opening ceremony, where world-renowned film and television works and the performers of classical songs will help to improve the public support of original film music, boost the original TV music production, promote the original film music protection, enhance the social value and market value of the classic film and television work and actively promote international exchanges and cooperation of original film and television music.

With the theme of the development of the audiovisual industry, 2012 International Copyright Forum continues to invite domestic and foreign copyright management organizations, institutions, well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to participate in the discussion about the core of copyright industries of film and television.

On the basis of the previous three Expos, "Industrial Exhibition” will be enhanced to be more global, professional and public. Particularly, the "Guest Country and the International Exhibition" will focus more on national unique style of cultural products and ideas; "Domestic Exhibition", gathering all of the participating cities as a unit, from geographically and culturally different developments of Copyright to the local in this region and the cultural creation industries and latest copyright achievements, shows the profound Chinese culture and the massive benefits from cultural creation industries for regional economic development in multiple perspectives. "Profession Exhibition" mainly concentrates on the professional exhibition and exchange between specific professional industry association and excellent and potential industries in that field to help participating members, domestic and foreign copyright agencies, organizations, businesses and related individuals create a broad copyright communication and trading platform. It emphasis on practical application, reflects the results of the practical value of copyright, highlights the elements and the specific role of copyright through the exchange of different industry exhibitions.

“Theme Activity” on the basis of the previous Expo has a new plan according to different industries, including the "Guest of Honor Cocktail" as a bridge for the guest country and cultural ambassadors from other countries; the "Authoritative Information Conference of Chinese Copyright Industry "jointly held by the national authorities will release the latest data about the development in all areas of cultural creation industries to the public;" Handshake with China – Foreign Agents Luncheon" will organize the foreign institutions and organization’s representatives to China to get together to share ideas for future copyright industry development; “Excellent Copyright Works Trading Fair” will be held to improve the industry effects of copyright trading platform and increase our efforts in the transformation of copyright so that more and better outstanding work can go to the world from here, and it would be much easier for the original works to increase in values. "Wisdom China - Youth Growth Forum", in the style of forums, lectures and live activities, provides teenagers with copyright education. Also teenagers will participate in some other public outreach activities including "Green Networking", "Original Work Protection” and so forth. "China Internet literature Festival "," China International Digital Music Forum "and other activities will still take advantage of previous Expo’s to present insightful concepts and ideas for a sustainable development in related fields. In order to maintain a stable ability of brand influence and appeal for "China International Copyright Expo" and to build a basis of positive public opinions for the expansion of copyright exchange and trading, the Expo will use internationally and domestically well-known media to announce the information and outcome of copyright industry.

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"The absence of alignment of legal forms and the expectations of actors in the online environment exacerbates the problem of piracy, as expectations can be satisfied more easily through illegal than through legal means."
?????? ---Director General Francis Gurry of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
"I believe that this Expo is a great chance for us to foster such an outlook in both developed and emerging market economies, and appreciate the dedication of the Chinese Authorities in their efforts at advancing respect for intellectual property."
?????? ---Seiichi KONDO, Commissioner for Cultural Affairs
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