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Canmore Rose

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An in-depth
discussion will be
carried out on
copyright protection,
copyright market,
and a number of
other key issues.
The Exhibition
specifically designed
for Film, Music, Picture and Literary Works, Software and Copyright Protection Technology.
???Promotion for the
???Guest of Honor
???Nation, Mayor
???Forum, China
???Internet Literature
Classic songs by the
famous singer and
band from China and
the world will be

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Views of all circles
"The absence of alignment of legal forms and the expectations of actors in the online environment exacerbates the problem of piracy, as expectations can be satisfied more easily through illegal than through legal means."
?????? ---Director General Francis Gurry of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
"I believe that this Expo is a great chance for us to foster such an outlook in both developed and emerging market economies, and appreciate the dedication of the Chinese Authorities in their efforts at advancing respect for intellectual property."
?????? ---Seiichi KONDO, Commissioner for Cultural Affairs
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