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Industry Exhibitions

On the basis of the previous three Expos, "Industrial Exhibition” will be enhanced to be more global, professional and public. Particularly, the "Guest Country and the International Exhibition" will focus more on national unique style of cultural products and ideas; "Domestic Exhibition", gathering all of the participating cities as a unit, from geographically and culturally different developments of Copyright to the local in this region and the cultural creation industries and latest copyright achievements, shows the profound Chinese culture and the massive benefits from cultural creation industries for regional economic development in multiple perspectives. "Profession Exhibition" mainly concentrates on the professional exhibition and exchange between specific professional industry association and excellent and potential industries in that field to help participating members, domestic and foreign copyright agencies, organizations, businesses and related individuals create a broad copyright communication and trading platform. It emphasis on practical application, reflects the results of the practical value of copyright, highlights the elements and the specific role of copyright through the exchange of different industry exhibitions.?


Industry Exhibition

9 am — 5 pm, June 22- 24, 2012
Venue:??The Exhibition?Hall of?China World Trade Center

Exhibition Booths in the Expo

Secretarial Group:
010 - 65974890 - 705
Forum / Activity Group:
010 - 65974890-723
Investment / Exhibition Group:
010- 65974890-711、718
Conference Reception Group:
010 - 65974890-720
Public Group:010-65974890-779

"Copyright is the currency of the creative economy."
?????? ---John Howkins, International Creative Industry Expert

"Beijing has the promise to become the center of culture industry in China for it has plenty of advantages over other cities: bright entrepreneurs, various forms of capital and its rich culture and long history. I hope Beijing will be the best center of culture industry in China. "
?????? ---Professor Li Yi ning, Well-known Economist in China

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